Sat, 14 Dec 2019 04:06:21 -0500
Why the Next North Korea...

(Bloomberg) -- U.S. President Donald Trump is trading insults with Kim Jong-un, North Korea is launching missiles and no one’s talking about disarmament. It’s beginning to feel like the days of “fire and fury”...[more]

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Sat, 14 Dec 2019 03:27:19 -0500
China welcomes preliminary...

China put a positive face Saturday on a first-step trade agreement that dials down a trade war it blames the U.S. for starting. “It at least stabilizes the situation and lays a foundation for the next round of...[more]

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Splinter Cell Black List

Sam Fisher Returns as the leader of Fourth Echelon just in time to realize an organization is set to cripple the western world. After a devastating terrorist attack Fourth Echelon is in a race against time to prevent further attacks, and collect intel to stop the organization cold. If you are a fan of Splinter Cell, the fully customizable and increased load outs will have you cheering in the streets. The story line moves quickly, but with the addition of side missions and newly improved stealth gear you can take your stealth action to a whole new level. The extra graphics layering that you install improves the realism in this game providing a realistic experience that will have you jumping out of your seat! When you get a hold of this game you will be glued to your system until you finish this game in it's explosive finale!

Below you will find a link that will take you to Amazon to purchase your copy of Splinter Cell Blacklist and have it mailed directly to your door. As you know, Amazon is one of the world's largest online retail centers. This company provides a hihgly secure and convenient way to order your games online and have them delivered right to your door. I use Amazon personally to order many items on a regular basis, and have always had a positvie experience.

If you purchase this game from the link below, I would ask that you write me from the contact me page and submit a personal review of your experience, and even of the game! which I will then post on my site for others to read!

Fall Out New Vegas

Fall Out Fans rejoice! If you enjoy the wild wastelands of Fall Out 3, then hang on to your Power Armor! From the moment this game loads you are thrown into an all out battle for survival! People are hunting you from the moment you start playing, and as this is an RPG you will build slowly and your first battles are beyond difficult, but the rewards will have you growing quickly and your battles will become easier, in a manner of speaking. I urge you if you are an RPG fan or a Fall Out Fan, Get this game right away, and then use the contact me page to get in touch with me and let me know your experiences, so I can publish them here!

Grand Theft Auto V

The first thing you will notice about Grand Theft Auto V is that they have taken the already amazing graphics and actually improved them! From pot holes in the streets, to light rain drizzling on the screen! This game takes the Grand Theft Auto Series to a new level! Starting the game as Franklin a former Grove Street Banger now Repo man, you start off pretty simply repossessing a couple of cars, where you learn about Lewis' driving abilities. This is the next new change to Grand Theft Auto. Your character has a third bar, and this bar is your special ability bar. The next new feature that as you progress into the game you will be playing three different characters. Franklin, Michael, and Trevor. Without spoiling too much I won't get into how this happens, you will just have to get your copy of Grand Theft Auto V here!

Splinter Cell Blacklist Review from You Tube!